Discussion Guides

A collection of discussion guides on YES! issues

Will the New Economy Be Capitalism, or Something Else? Join Us for a Discussion on November 9
To debate this crucial issue in the new economy, we’re co-hosting a panel on November 9 with experts in the field. Please RSVP and join us!
Discussion Guide: America: The Remix
by Ashlee Green
Includes article summaries and questions to spark your discussion around the YES! Magazine multiracial America issue.
Discussion Guide: Climate Action
by Keeley Harding
Includes article summaries and questions to spark your discussion around the YES! Magazine Climate Action issue.
Discussion Guide: Learn as You Go
Article summaries and questions to spark your discussion around the YES! Education issue.
Discussion Guide :: The New Economy
by Catherine Bailey
Conversation starters and article summaries for the economy issue.
Food for Everyone :: Discussion Guide
The Food for Everyone issue of YES! Magazine looks at the people who are working to restore flavor, nutrition, and joy to our food, and to make it available to everyone. Use this discussion guide to talk about the issues with your group.
Sustainable Happiness Discussion Guide
by Kristin Carlsen, Jon Sayer
How happy are we really? Have the things we thought would make us happy done so? This issue of YES! explores different ways to find happiness: meditate, de-stress the holidays, restore the earth, embrace the bad with the good, simplify, and downsize. What makes you happy?
Purple America Discussion Guide
by Brendan Clarke
Where are the areas of agreement that bridge the supposed political divide between "red" and "blue: voters? Where are stories of people reaching out to make common cause on the many issues where majorities of Americans agree, regardless of political stripe?
A Just Foreign Policy Discussion Guide
by Noah Grant
We can continue to assert our military and economic dominance, or we can work with other countries to tackle issues like global warming and ultimately create a more secure world.
Climate Solutions :: Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries for our Climate Solutions issue. Explore solutions to climate change and find practical, feasible ways to make big differences through your own actions.
DIY Liberation: Discussion Guide
by Margit Christenson, Brooke Jarvis
This issue of YES! introduces us to people who are done waiting for a leader to come along; who are recognizing their own power to liberate the spaces where they live, work, learn, and create.
Stand Up to Corporate Power::Discussion Guide
by Zach Kyle, Catherine Bailey
Discuss topics such as: Are corporations serving the common good? If so, how? If not, how can we encourage corporations to adopt more responsible business practices? What are some of the pros and cons of a worker-run business? What might an alternative prosperity standard look like? What factors would measure nations’ economies of well-being?
Latin America Rising::Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Zach Kyle
Conversation starters and article summaries for Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead.
Is the U.S. Ready for Human Rights? :: Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Kuck
Think about the rights we have as human beings. How did they come to be agreed upon? How does the U.S. measure up in meeting those rights?
Go Local Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Brandi Bratrude, Sarah Kuck
Think about the systems of capitalism and communism, and the values they reflect. What would your ideal alternative economy look like? On what fundamental values would your model be based? Should consideration for human rights be incorporated into the “rules” of the economy? More questions like these . . .