From the Executive Editor

Sarah van Gelder
Meet the New Rebels Taking Back Our Public Schools

For decades the myth of failing public schools justified industrial-scale testing and a privatization agenda. Now radical educators are bursting the bubble test, getting culturally relevant, and restoring justice to the classroom.

The Body Politic

Taking charge of our bodies means more than buying stuff. It means reckoning with the intersection between our humanity and the political and environmental decisions our society makes.

Homes That Survived the Crash

While Wall Street players used home finance to make mega-profits for the 1 percent, local banks and community land trusts got people into decent, secure, affordable homes.

How to Put People Back in Charge

Corporate power is behind the politics of climate denial, Wall Street bailouts, union busting, and media consolidation, and more. What prospect do We the People have for putting power back where it belongs?

YES! Turns 15

After 15 years of solutions-oriented reporting, we don’t believe there is a single leader somewhere who is going to show us all how to live better. The changes are coming from all of us.

Jobs: What Will It Take?

The middle-class way of life is in trouble. How can we build strong local economies that sustain us in challenging times?

Instead of Prison

2.3 million people behind bars. How to stop wasting lives and money. Sarah van Gelder introduces the Summer issue of YES! Magazine, “Beyond Prisons.”

Animals Among Us

Should we eat animals? Can we save our ailing wildlife? What can animals teach us about caring for the planet and each other? The Spring 2011 issue of YES! Magazine explores our relationship with other creatures.

Families In Hard Times

Multigenerational households, same-sex partnerships, and stay-at-home dads: The Winter 2011 issue of YES! Magazine explores our changing sense of family.

Seeds of Resilience

Climate change, peak oil, and a stalled economy: The Fall 2010 issue of YES! Magazine shows how people step up in uncertain times to create a resilient way of life.