From the Executive Editor

Sarah van Gelder

The Water We Need
by Madeline Ostrander
Senior editor Madeline Ostrander introduces the Water Solutions issue.
Becoming a Whole Nation
by Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder introduces the Spring 2010 issue of YES! Magazine: There are some extraordinary people working to make a vision of a just, inclusive society a reality ...
There's Still Enough Time to Avert Climate Chaos
by Sarah van Gelder
Editor Sarah van Gelder's introduction to Climate Action, the Winter 2010 issue of YES! Magazine.
Reinvent Yourself, Reinvent the World
by Sarah van Gelder
Editor's introduction to Learn as You Go, the Fall 2009 issue of YES!
The New Economy Starts Now
by Sarah van Gelder
The new economy is about increasing quality of life, improving health, and restoring the environment.
The Local Food Revolution
by Sarah van Gelder
Spring 2009 letter from the editor introducing the Food for Everyone issue of YES! Magazine.
A New American Dream
by Sarah van Gelder
Does happiness matter when the bottom is falling out the world economy and the politics of our country is changing? We think it does.
Politics That Break Through
by Sarah van Gelder
Letter from the Editor on Fall 2008 issue.
Welcome to a Different Planet
by Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder introduces the "Stop Global Warming Cold" Issue. Our Climate Solutions Special Issue lays out what it takes and where to find the technologies and policies that can get us there. And we look at the movement that is building around the climate crisis.
Taking Freedom to the Streets
by Sarah van Gelder
By liberating exterior spaces, people are also freeing their minds and hearts and opening up the potential of human society for greatness. Sarah van Gelder introduces the "Liberate Your Space" Winter 2008 issue of YES!
We the People, Rising
by Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder introduces the "Stand Up to Corporate Power" Issue. Corporate power has expanded in the media, health care, prisons, schools, war, disaster relief and on and on. We need to challenge excess corporate power.
An Invitation from the South
by Sarah van Gelder
YES! Magazine executive editor Sarah van Gelder introduces the Summer 2007 issue, 'Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead.'
Rights at the Crossroads
by Doug Pibel
YES! Magazine managing editor Doug Pibel introduces the Spring 2007 issue, 'Is the U.S. Ready for Human Rights?'
From the Editor - An Economy with a Future
by Sarah van Gelder
YES! Magazine editor Sarah van Gelder introduces the Winter 2007 issue, Go Local.
Letter from the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
We need each other across generations. And in this time of mounting crises, we need our elders to act as elders and take a stand for the next seven genertions.