In Review: Books, Music, and Film

Books, Music, and Film
YES! Music Picks: Summer 2013

Pete Seeger, Steve Earle, Melodeego, and other inspiration while putting together the Summer 2013 issue of YES!

Music Picks: Spring 2013

Hurricane Sandy relief, benefits for U.S.-Mexico border crossers, and other musical inspiration while putting together the Spring 2013 issue.

Can a People’s Movement Ground U.S. Drones?

Book Review: Killing by remote control is no game, peace activist Medea Benjamin argues in “Drone Warfare.” We know that drones kill civilians and inflame hatred against the United States—but can we stop them?

Pete Seeger: “You Stick Together ’Til It’s Won”

Book Review: Gleaned from letters, essays, and articles, “Pete Seeger: In His Own Words” reveals how the celebrated folk singer has considered, at every turn, what it means to sing out in a world where the din of injustice is deafening.