Just the Facts

Facts and graphs that help clarify an issue

Just the Facts :: Corporate Food
Hunger. Pollution. Instability. Obesity. The problem with corporate food--by the numbers.
Just the Facts :: Who’s Happier?
by Noah Grant
A better economy doesn't necessarily mean a happier country.
Just the Facts :: How the Middle Class Got Stuck
by Noah Grant, Layla Aslani, Doug Pibel
Surging prices, stagnant wages, spiralling debt. This is what stuck feels like.
Just the Facts: Foreign Aid vs. Military Spending
by Noah Grant
The U.S. spends piles of money on foreign aid, right? See how the spending actually stacks up. The U.S., with 300 million people, gives away $23.5 billion in non-military aid to developing countries. But the 333 million people in the next four countries spend almost double: $44.7 billion. Meanwhile, we account for 48% of the world’s $1.47 trillion spent on the military. And we’re tops per capita, too.
Just the Facts :: Global Warming and Climate Solutions
Just The Facts
by Catherine Bailey, Doug Pibel
Just The Facts: Who Profits from Corporate Power? Maybe what's good for corporations isn't good for us all. Check out the numbers.
How Powerful? :: Just the Facts
Just how powerful are corporations anyway? some quick facts
Just the Facts
by Sarah Kuck
Human Rights Actually Are Quite a Bargain, But We Bought a War Instead
Just the Facts
by Lilja Otto
The costs of health care and prescriptions in the U.S. are graphically compared against the rest of the world. Why do U.S. drugs cost more?
It Takes Energy to Make Energy
by Doug Pibel
Biofuel creation graphically explained.