People We Love

People making change

People We Love :: Ricardo Navarro
by Ashlee Green
Choosing a sustainable path.
People We Love :: Jacqueline Cabasso
by Susie Shutts
Working to abolish nuclear weapons.
People We Love :: Bahati Kizungu
by Lynsi Burton
Reporting for children’s rights.
People We Love :: Lorraine Kerwood
by Keeley Harding
Rebuilding computers for the community.
People We Love :: Otana Jakpor
by Heather Purser
Lobbying for clean air.
People We Love: Heng Monychenda
by Lynsi Burton
Peaceful approach in rural Cambodia
People We Love :: Marisol Becerra
by Heather Purser
Fighting pollution in Little Village
People We Love: Valerie Fast Horse
by Heather Purser
Bringing technology to tribes
People We Love: John Halas
by Lynsi Burton
Buoying coral reefs
People We Love :: Agnes Pareyio
by Heather Purser
Creating choices for women.
People We Love :: Peter Marshall
by Madeline Ostrander
Fighting fire with climate activism.
People We Love :: Waseem Mahmood
by Catherine Bailey
Music to end intolerance.
People We Love :: Chris Goodman
by Kim Nochi
In defense of a good education.
People We Love :: America Bracho
Profile of America Bracho, who fights for health care by and for the people in Orange County, California.
People We Love :: Isabel Latorre
Coffee for women's rights: Profile of Isabel Latorre, founder of Café Feminino