Integral Education & Integral Ecology Seminar

Deepening practice through integral awareness.

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Aug 03, 2010 12:00 AM
Aug 08, 2010 12:00 AM


Mount Madonna, Watsonville, CA

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Two seminars woven in one! By simultaneously holding a seminar on integral education and one on integral ecology in the same location,  these two strands will be woven together, while also honoring and deepening each one separately through parallel programs.

This seminar offers  an opportunity to both experience and learn about embodying an integral perspective through a deeper understanding of integral theory and its application in the areas of ecology and education.

Integral Education and Integral Ecology are two emerging fields, propelled by people who seek to push the envelope of what these two ways of being present and active in the world have to offer. This two-strand seminar will provide an inspiring environment to meet with colleagues and to network with a small but growing community that clearly understands that addressing a more complete spectrum of personal, cultural, and systemic realities at play in the universe is one of the most powerful ways to begin creating the changes we hope to see in the world.

Some of the core questions explored in the seminar will be:

  • How can our work in education and/or ecology coherently address the whole human being, a being of body, mind, and spirit, immersed in cultural meaning making, social structures, and natural systems?

  • How can we embody an integral perspective in all aspects of our work, vision, and personal practices ?

  • In a universe unfolding into increasing consciousness and complexity, how can we work not only to develop current capacities, but also to create the conditions for the emergence of more complex perspectives in the future?

Certain segments of the event will be held with everyone, with participants from both seminars, while others will allow for participants to dive into the exploration of either integral education or integral ecology.

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