Organizing for Resilience: A Conversation with Rob Hopkins & Gopal Dayaneni

Join Transition Movement founder Rob Hopkins and activist Gopal Dayaneni of Movement Generation for a conversation on what it will take to rebuild our communities to be just, sustainable, and resilient.

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07:00 PM 09:00 PM Oct 10, 2013


Oakland, CA

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On his first (and probably only) visit to the US, Rob Hopkins will share the stories and vision of communities around the world who are taking action to rebuild their food, energy, and economic systems from the bottom up. Gopal Dayaneni will share grassroots organizing strategies for social and ecological justice based on Movement Generation's work in the Bay Area and across the US.

The conversation will be moderated by Pandora Thomas, permaculture educator and co-founder of Earthseed Consulting LLC.


Rob Hopkins is a British permaculture educator and founder of the international Transition Town Movement. Transition United States is excited to welcome Rob for his first - and likely only - visit to the US. Rob has a no-flying pledge which he decided to break as our planet crossed the 400ppm threshold of CO2 in the atmosphere earlier this year in order to come to the US to make the case for investing in local action. 

Rob launched the first Transition Initiative in Ireland in 2005. Since then, the Transition Movement has taken root in 43 countries, with 142 Transition Towns in the US and more than 1,000 around the world. Rob continues lending his energy, ideas, and voice to the Transition Movement as it grows and deepens around the world, in addition to working with his own community, Transition Totnes, to pioneer innovative Transition strategies and projects like REconomy and Transition Streets. Rob's new book, The Power of Just Doing Stuff, launched in June and has received rave reviews.

Rob was the winner of the 2008 Schumacher Award, is an Ashoka Fellow and a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute, and was named by the Independent as one of the UK’s top 100 environmentalists.

In the words of Bill McKibben:

“In the leaking ship that we’ve made of our planet, the Transition movement is like a flotilla of life rafts. And they’ve come not to pull us off the earth, but to help us patch it and make it right. There’s no one on earth who’s just done more stuff–and inspired more doing – than Rob Hopkins."


Gopal Dayaneni is an activist who has worked for social, economic, and environmental justice through organizing & campaigning, teaching, writing, and speaking since the late 1980′s. Gopal currently works with The Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project, which provides in-depth analysis and information about the global ecological crisis and facilitates strategic planning for action among leading organizers from urban Bay Area organizations working for economic and racial justice in communities of color. Recently Gopal hosted conversations with environmental leaders Joanna Macy and Vandana Shiva. 

Gopal has been a campaigner for Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition on human rights and environmental justice in the high-tech industry and the Oil Campaigner for Project Underground, a human rights and environmental rights organizations which supported communities resisting oil and mining exploitation around the world. Gopal has also provided progressive organizations with support in Strategic Communications and Campaign Planning through the Design Action Collective and is an active trainer and organizer with the Ruckus Society and a member of the Progressive Communicators Network. Gopal is also an elementary and early childhood educator, working formerly as a teacher and as the co-director of the Tenderloin Childcare Center, a community based childcare center supporting children and families forced into homelessness.


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