Puget Sound Equity Summit

A free action-oriented summit to promote equitable development and healthy communities.

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Nov 08, 2013 05:00 PM
Nov 09, 2013 03:30 PM


Des Moines, WA

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The Regional Equity Network and partners are planning a Puget Sound Equity Summit in November 2013.  This is an action-oriented Summit that will bring together stakeholders across the region.

Summit goals:

  • Identify shared issue areas and further develop key strategies to achieve healthy communities, building upon community organizing and work underway.
  • Create a structure for community, policy makers, philanthropy to jointly identify key issues and problem solve.
  • Connect various efforts and people in the region focused on equity/ equitable development and create a platform for community leadership.


Friday evening
The opening event will provide framing for the Summit, i.e. what equity is and understanding institutional racism, why we start with equity and how this orientation is in all of our interests, advancing strategies for healthy communities and a more equitable region. It will also create space and time for people to get
comfortable and highlight the community organizing leading up to the summit. There will be networking time and a marketplace that will include community tables and issue/ policy stations. There will be some entertainment and a buffet dinner to bring people together. This will be followed by an opening program that includes a keynote speaker and report outs from communities (possibly a video presentation).


Saturday (full-day)
The day will open with a keynote speaker that can reinforce the Summit framing and speak to advancing equity strategies and increasing access to opportunity. The day will be split into two major components.

  • The first half of the day will be issue area breakouts, allowing space for people from different communities and sectors to share and co-develop specific equity strategies. The issue areas/ policy strategies will be identified through community convenings and will be led or co-led by community experts who bring a draft to start the conversation and share some successes or work underway. The outcome will be further refined equity policy strategies, e.g. “jobs equity”.
  • The second half of the day will be community breakouts, bringing together community representatives, elected officials, philanthropy, etc to identify priority action steps for their community. The logistics of how these breakouts will be structured will be further refined through the Summit planning. The outcome will be identifying 1-3 community-specific (place-based) strategies and some coalition building.
  • The closing will include report-backs from community breakouts – what is your plan?

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