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Curricula and lesson plans on topics ranging from climate change to happiness.

In each of the following categories, you'll find a variety of teaching tools for immediate use in the classroom or for building your own curriculum.  These resources include: lessons, curriculum, poetry, videos, projects, stories, and essays.

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:: Teaching Happiness

Discover the good life through resilience, creativity, and community.

:: Teaching Outside the Box

Meaningful learning pushes boundaries with action, inquiry, and innovation.

:: Teaching Peace & Justice

Paths to peace, inclusion, equality, and compassion for all.

:: Teaching Sustainability 

How to build a robust economy, healthy planet, and just world for all.

:: Visual Learning

Use the wonder of a photo to engage in deep discussions and understanding.

The Power of Introverts
Does society favor extroverts over introverts? In this TEDTalk, social psychologist Susan Cain takes us into an introvert's world, and shares why being quiet and contemplative should be acknowledged and celebrated.
Putting Teen Health First
by Judy Pruim
Social worker Judy Pruim takes you behind the scenes at Muskegon High's Teen Health Center at —a place where students feel safe, and their success and well being are supported. This is Judy's story.
Curriculum and Resources: Trash-Out
by Jing Fong
What can you learn about a family by examining the things they're left behind? Watch this short 5-minute film by POV and explore other PBS resources about the foreclosure crisis.
Curriculum and Resources: Poetry Foundation
by Jing Fong
October 17 is Black Poetry Day. Poetry Foundation offers a bounty of poems, lesson plans, essays, and more to teach students the fundamentals of African American poetry, and poetry in general.
YES! Recommends: Dream of a Nation
by Jing Fong
Dream of a Nation explores today's challenges with new ideas and solutions through the perspective of on-the-ground thought leaders. It generously offers educators a range of free, downloadable resources, including lesson plans, interviews, videos, and discussion guides.
Go Local! Learning In and Outside the Classroom
by Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson writes of her unexpected journey of becoming a teacher and how place-based education has helped her empower her students and strengthen democracy in her community.
Visual Learning: Gauze for Concern
by Susan Lloyd
This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about the foreclosure crisis in this country and what it might feel like to lose your home.
Winter 2012 High School Winner Johnny Bobo
by Johnny Bobo
Johnny Bobo is a student at Federal Hocking High School in Guysville, OH. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "What's the Harm in Hunting" by Alyssa Johnson. Read Johnny's essay about responsible hunting.
Author Response to Winter 2012 Essay Winners
Alyssa Johnson responds to the winners of the Winter 2012 YES! National Student Writing Competition.
Winter 2012 Powerful Voice Winner Lisa Schwartz
by Lisa Schwartz
Lisa Schwartz is a high school student at Presentation Academy in Louisville, KY. She read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "What's the Harm in Hunting" by Alyssa Johnson. Read Lisa's essay about changing her opinions on hunting.
Winter 2012 Middle School Winner Stro Hastings
by Stro Hastings
Stro Hastings is a middle school student at Mountain Sun Community School in Brevard, NC. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "What's the Harm in Hunting" by Alyssa Johnson. Read Stro's essay about hunting fair.
Winter 2012 College Winner Jenny Courtney
by Jenny Courtney
Jenny Courtney is a student at American River College in Sacramento, CA. She read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "What's the Harm in Hunting" by Alyssa Johnson. Read Jenny's essay about meat production and hunting.
Changing the Course of Dyslexia
by Bob Broudo
President and headmaster Bob Broudo of Landmark School passionately believes that we have a civic responsibility to help students with language-based learning disabilities discover who they are as learners and how they can learn.
YES! Recommends: StoryCorps
by Jing Fong
StoryCorps records and archives interviews of everyday Americans to preserve history and personal stories. Its National Teachers Initiative was created to celebrate great teachers and to highlight their invaluable contributions and influence on students and all of us.
Curriculum & Resources: The Teacher Salary Project
by Jing Fong
Through an interactive and evolving website and the feature-length documentary American Teacher, The Teacher Salary Project brings awareness to the real and imminent crisis in our educational system—how little we value our strongest, most committed, and most effective teachers.