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March 2010 Newsletter Snapshot



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Colbert's Common Core :: What's Worth Saving
The April 2014 newsletter features the winners of the Winter 2014 Writing Contest, a teacher's story about overcoming creative insecurities, Colbert's take on the Common Core, and thought-provoking resources from IDEA and Rethinking Schools.
Failing Schools Myth :: Your Belly Button Bacteria
The March 2014 newsletter features fantastic articles from the new "Education Uprising" issue of YES! as well as writing workshop curriculum that sparks conversations about “who I am,” a slam poet’s video on English Language Learner (ELL) students, and an Atlanta teacher’s story of how race affects the way he teaches.
Healing Power of Food :: Questions We Love
The February 2014 Education Connection Newsletter features a food literacy quiz, a poster on what eight healthy diets have in common (besides kale!), and a lesson plan on why women's stories matter. Also, YES! Magazine articles on the healing qualities of dirt and why fermented foods are good for your health.
Hip Hop in the Classroom :: Kids on Caffeine Chart
January 2014 YES! For Teachers newsletter features Sustainable Table resources, story on Denver rapper who inspires kids to eat and grow their own veggies, kids on caffeine chart, Jazz in America lesson plans, and health benefits of home cooking infographic.
"Story of Stuff" Resources :: 20 Ways to Express Gratitude
In the November 2013 YES! For Teachers Newsletter you'll find resources, stories, and more that will give you ideas for curbing the onslaught of stuff and how to express gratitude. Plus, a sneak peak exclusive of Story of Stuff Project's Citizen Muscle Boot Camp!
Kids Can Teach Themselves :: Human Cost of Stuff
No tricks, just treats! In this newsletter, you'll find a TED Talk on child-driven education, humane education lesson plans, a garment factory infographic, interviews with your favorite authors about their writing habits, and more.
2013 Greatest Hits :: Most Popular YES! Education Resources
We pay close attention to the newsletter features you do—and don’t—like. Below you’ll find the “greatest hits” from the past school year, including our six most-read items. Enjoy reconnecting with popular lesson plans, articles, posters, and other classroom resources as you make plans for the upcoming school year.
Summer Reads :: Winning Student Essays
May 2013 education newsletter of summer reads, a collection of YES! stories, plus winning essays of the Winter 2013 YES! National Student Writing Competition
Why Cooperatives Rock :: TED Talk For the Bullied and Beautiful
Learn about co-ops, their many fans, and the new economy they inspire. Bring learning materials on Equal Exchange and their cooperative principles to your classroom. Dig into your school's new garden with The Food Project's ideas for teen engagement. Watch and listen to one spoken-word artist's candid poem on bullying and survival.
What Can Nature Teach Us? :: If Chalkboards Could Talk
Learn about biomimicry—using nature's models to make sustainable products— and its potential in the classroom. Guide your school's spring permaculture project with 12 basic principles. Be inspired by one artist's larger-than-life chalkboard that brought her New Orleans community together
What Would Nature Do? :: TED-Ed talented teacher videos
Features stories about how solutions to our biggest challenges are evident in nature if we only choose to see them, with related teaching resources.
9 Steps to Better Health :: How To Help Your Introvert Students
It's your body! This Education Connection Newsletter features resources to support student health and success including curriculum from Nourish, the inside scoop from a Teen Health Center, documentary viewing guides and lesson plans, and a shocking (and sweet!) infographic that shows just how much sugar Americans consume.
Local Food? How About Local Learning?! :: Celebrate Black Poetry Day
Home is not only where the heart is, it’s also where your students can get the most out of learning. This newsletter features a story on place-based learning, lessons from Dream of a Nation that will inspire your students to be active in their community, and a short film that captures the heartache of foreclosure. Also, poems galore to celebrate Black Poetry Day.
2012 Greatest Hits :: Most Popular YES! Education Resources
YES! Education Connection newsletter favorites from the 2011-12 school year, including the Top Six most-read items.
Changing the Course of Dyslexia :: Poetic Advice on Wearing a Hoodie
Great teaching changes lives. Feel empowered by StoryCorps interviews that honor educators. Read the story of Landmark School and learn how to change the course for students with dyslexia. Also, start student discussion about Trayvon Martin with a powerful poem written by a mother for her son.
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