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Bring Fair Trade into Your Classroom

This Valentine's Day empower your students to take action for Fair Trade
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Photo: International Labor Rights Forum
Photo courtesy of the International Labor Rights

National Valentine's Day of Action

Companies like World's Finest Chocolate make a lot of money selling chocolate to kids, but chocolate is no treat for hundreds of thousands of children who must work on cocoa farms instead of going to school. Some of these children work on the farms of their empoverished families while other children must work on farms far away from home. Some of these children are even forced to work as slaves.

There is a solution: FAIR TRADE! Fair Trade Certification ensures that farmers are paid a fair price for their goods, those goods are not made using child labor, and environmental sustainability is maintained. Unfortunately, big companies like World's Finest Chocolate don't sell Fair Trade products.

Now, students have the opportunity to tell big companies like World's Finest Chocolate that they demand that the use of abusive child labor practices be stopped and that they want to buy products that are Fair Trade Certified.

chocolates and flowers

Global Exchange is promoting a Fair Trade campaign to coincide with Valentine's Day.

Find out more about the National Valentine's Day of Action, download Global Exchange's curriculum materials and see how to make your school Fair Trade: details from Global Exchange.


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