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Curriculum and Resources: Service-Learning and Life Philosophies

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October Education Newsletter

Great Resources for Teaching

from the November 2009 YES! Education Connection Newsletter

Read the newsletter: Teaching What Matters: Preparing Your Students for the Real World

Here are two dynamic organizations that offer your students opportunities and engaging resources to express and act on what they believe. Encourage your students to take on a service-learning project or submit a personal essay to "This I Believe."

:: National Youth Leadership Council

:: This I Believe in the Classroom

National Youth Leadership Council



SEE WEBSITE: National Youth Leadership Council

NYLCWhat does it take to transform young people from disinterested students to engaged citizens and community leaders? According to the National Youth Leadership Council, the answer is service-learning.

 For over 25 years, NYLC has been a leader in the service-learning movement, dedicating itself to the potential of young people through civic engagement and active leadership. Sponsoring leadership workshops, hosting conferences, and encouraging schools to adopt service-learning into their curriculum, NYLC seeks to redefine the transition into adulthood through active community engagement.

Service-learning isn’t just something students do; it’s a way of teaching.  Learn the basics of service-learning from an industry veteran, plus gain insights on components of successful service-learning projects and how to get started.

Real examples are often the best way to ignite a student’s “a-ha!” button. Visit this NYLC link for an abundance of service-learning project ideas, ideal for a range of ages and grades. Your students will be inspired by these examples from their peers across the country. From wetland cleanup to redecorating a children’s hospital waiting room, the possibilities are endless.

Feeling that your school is ready to commit to making service-learning part of your educational practice? Join the Generator School Network to learn from and interact with K-12 teachers and administrators who are passionate about service-learning.  You will receive tremendous support from NYLC and colleagues in improving your service-learning reach and impact. Membership fees are waived for the first 100 schools that join.

Be sure to check out the 21st Annual National Service-Learning Conference in San Jose California, March 24-27, 2010.  Experience service-learning through a thought leader series, project presentations and displays, and networking with teachers and students from all over the world.

This I Believe in the Classroom

This I Believe Banner Logo

SEE WEBSITE :: This I Believe in the Classroom

People learn from their mistakes. Miracles do happen. Friends are a person’s greatest influence. What is it that you and your students believe in?

Edward R. Murrow hosted the first "This I Believe" radio program in the 1950s where Americans, famous or not, shared five-minute essays about their personal life philosophies. So popular, the program developed into a series of essays and soon after into curriculum aimed at teenagers to share their outlook on the world.

NPR and This I Believe Inc. have teamed up to bring back the essay project, asking Americans of any age to share their beliefs in a 400-500 word essay.  They also have introduced “This I Believe in the Classroom,” founded on the success and positive experience of teachers using "This I Believe" as an educational tool.

Visit "This I Believe in the Classroom" for:

  • Curriculum (middle and high school, and university): New curricula adapted separately for middle school, high school, and college students includes a step-by-step guide to writing a personal essay, as well as offering activities to walk them through the process of figuring out exactly what it is that they believe in.
  • Brochure and poster: A colorful classroom poster and informational brochure promote "This I Believe" activities and tips for writing your own personal essay.
  • Educator guide: This helpful document provides answers and information to the most frequently asked questions on how to submit an essay to "This I Believe."


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