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Curriculum & Resources: Cooperative Teach-In

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Your students may know how to cooperate, but do they know how a cooperative, or co-op, works? Get students interested in cooperative systems that provide alternatives to traditional business and organizational models. The Cooperative Teach-in is a nationwide initiative that aims to engage students and campuses in the cooperative movement through events, programs, and projects.



Teaching about Co-ops

Find a range of classroom activities about the cooperative concept—from farms and food, to cooperative economies—that accommodate a variety of student audiences, from youth groups to university courses.

TEACH about Co-ops

What’s a co-op?

Explain the fundamentals of co-ops in a nutshell. Get students curious about how co-ops can build a better world. What solutions does the co-op model offer? What problems can be addressed by cooperatives? Plus, 10 reasons co-ops rock!

Co-ops in a nutshell











LEARN what a cooperative is

Co-op education resources

Wondering how to integrate cooperatives in your curriculum? Learn more about existing co-op models, with tools for teaching and self education. See how others bring co-ops into the classroom,with the a great list of paper and project ideas and suggested reading on cooperatives. Give you students the opportunity to discuss and engage in cooperative systems through research and hands-on experience.

EXPLORE more resources


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