De-Stress Your Classroom

Edutopia bundle of resources on meditation programs that can be used in school. Steps and benefits to bringing meditation to the classroom.
Meditation Education

Reducing Student Stress Through Quiet Time


Edutopia has bundled a great set of resources for the implementation of meditation programs, including "Quiet Time," in schools. While this may sound like a daunting task to most educators, Edutopia's resources outline easy steps from schools that are already benefiting from the effects of mandatory quiet time.




Infographic on Meditation EducationInfographic

How much can meditation reduce suspension days and rule infractions? The benefits of meditation in schools are well displayed and stated in this colorful infographic.




How To Start a Meditation Program in Your School


Here's a practical how-to guide from teachers who've already been practicing meditation in their classrooms.  Tips and resources are organized into several segments: set up and process; requirements for success; how to get trained in meditation; and pitfalls to avoid. One key tip: meditation must be mandatory.



Girl Meditating

Free Resources and Tools

Use these documents and links to learn more about meditation in schools. Documents from schools that already implement meditation can be edited for use in your classroom, and can provide an idea of the challenges of starting a meditation practice.





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