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Educational Film Toolkits from the Global Oneness Project


The Global Oneness Project produces films, media and educational materials that explore how the simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in today's complex world.

It is offering limited edition educational film toolkits to YES! Education Connection readers and to other teachers, students, organizations, and citizens nationwide working for social good. Film topics range from sustainability to conflict resolution to indigenous culture and more. Supply is limited. Register today!

The kit includes: 3 DVDs with 20 short films, 3 discussion and action guides, and 60 conversation cards that are designed to engage dialogue and inspire action about the issues raised in the short films. Film topics span the fields of conflict resolution, community, ecology, economics, health, indigenous culture, politics, religion, social justice, and sustainability.

For more information on the Global Oneness Project and its education program, visit

The above resources accompany the March 2012 YES! Education Connection Newsletter


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