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Curriculum & Resources: No Impact Project

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For the past four years, No Impact Man, Colin Beavan, and his family have inspired a nation to swap their old consumer habits for new environmentally-friendly ones.

No Impact Project

The No Impact Project believes that deep-seated behavioral change leads to both cultural change and political engagement. Success for NIP means engaging people who are not already “tree-hugging, bicycle-riding, canvas bag-toting eco-warriors” to adopt lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on the planet and simply make them happier and more satisfied.


No Impact Curriculum

The No Impact Curriculum includes five stand-alone 50-minute lessons on consumption, energy, transportation, water, and food. These lessons are a terrific combination of compelling information and positive action. Each lesson explores the effects your students’ everyday behavior has on the environment, their health, and their well-being. The curriculum also challenges them to think about how the systems in our present society influence our lifestyle choices in ways that often are not good for the environment.

Though the lessons are free, you will need to register in order to access them on the No Impact Project site. YES! For Teachers does its best to provide educators with easily accessible teaching tools.


EXPLORE: No Impact Curriculum


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No Impact Experiment

The No Impact Experiment is about what you get, not what you give up: a happier you that will make a happier planet. For one week, beginning and ending on a Sunday, your eco-conscience will be heightened by altering your energy usage, water usage, and food habits. It’s not about feeling guilty or deprived, but about making change your way, no matter how big or small.

Once you sign up you will receive a user-friendly How-To Manual. Read the No Impact Experiment frequently asked questions for more information and inspiration. NOTE: There is a small fee to register. Fee reductions available.


EXPLORE: No Impact Experiment


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The above resource accompanies the November 2013 Education Connection Newsletter.


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