Questions for Reflection: Reclaiming America

For the article “Reclaiming America”
YES! “finding courage” issue #26,  pages 54-55

(1) Roberto Vargas was often approached to run for political office, yet he refused. Scarred by racism and distrustful of the system, he felt he would be  “selling out” by getting involved. Now he feels differently about his role in this country's future. Define and briefly describe the following terms:


feeling alienated

the common good

(2) The author writes that while he was growing up he got the message that  “if you're not white, you're not American.” How did this make him feel and what did he do about it?

(3) The author proposes a vision for the United States of America—a nation committed to respect, justice and wellness for all. Do you think this is a good vision? Why or why not?

(4) Is there such a thing as a typical American? 

(5) What do you feel are two of the most important American values and why?

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