Curriculum & Resources

Curricula and lesson plans on topics ranging from climate change to happiness.
The Knotted Line

Get your students ready for an imaginative ride through history. The Knotted Line uses interactive media and over 50 paintings—representing historic and future events from 1495 to 2025—to explore the relationship between freedom and incarceration in America.

Visual Learning: Heart and Sole

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students to think about prisoners—the uniforms prisoners wear and the most effective ways to prepare for their transition back into society.

Reflections on Poverty with "Nikki-Rosa" Poem

Nikki Giovanni's poem, "Nikki-Rosa," with accompanying Def Jam video and ReadWriteThink lesson will help students develop their understanding of poverty, explore their childhood experiences, and write about these reflections in a poem.

Visual Learning: What Was Saved

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about preparing for natural disasters and how they can reach out to those in need of relief aid.

Social Justice Lesson Plans from Rethinking Schools

Rethinking Schools' unique lessons plans are written in essay form from the perspective of the teacher. It is a catalyst and leader in education form, with an emphasis on race and social equity. Take a look at these resources to get inspired.

Institute for Democratic Education in America

IDEA is a movement building organization that showcases what powerful learning looks like today—and what it can look like in the future. Featured resources include IDEA’s online library, Learning Report, plus the documentary, A Year at Mission Hill.

Visual Learning: A Slow, Press-ious Process

With this YES! lesson plan, try to truly understand an image, its message, and why it’s interesting (or not). In this case it's all about local, sustainable farming.

Food Literacy Quiz

From Nourish and Food Day, a quiz that tests how food literate you are. The 15 questions reveal facts about food and its relationship to the bigger food system, and the community-at-large.

Poster: What Healthy Diets Have in Common

This colorful poster compares eight healthy diets—vegan, Mediterranean, ancestral, glycemic index, anti-inflammatory, raw, traditional Asian, and Natl. Institutes of Health—and shares what they have in common (besides kale) and how they are different.

Sustainable Table Resources for Better Food Choices

YES! recommends Sustainable Table, a program of Grace Communications Foundation, for its well-rounded resources that educate and motivate people of all ages to take good care of their bodies and our planet.