Questions for Students: Going Forward Full Circle

For the article “Going Forward Full Circle”
YES! “Art and Community” issue #22, pages 22-24
(1) The author reports on the loss of culture among the Suquamish of Northwest Washington due in large part to hundreds of years of official policies that took their toll on tribal practices. Briefly describe how the following two policies might have affected a young Native American person:

*A youth is removed from his/her family and community and sent to boarding school.

*At school the youth is not allowed to speak his/her native language or practice any form of his/her religion.

(2) What might be the impact on a community when all of the young people are taken away?

(3) How did the Suquamish tribe reconnect with their lost art of canoe carving? Who helped?

(4) Where and how do the traditions of North America's indigenous peoples fit in to the history of the United States that you read in your history or social studies textbooks?    

(5) Do you think it is important for young people, regardless of heritage, to carry on the traditions of their ancestors? Why or why not?
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