Questions for Students: When Youth Lead

For the article  “When Youth Lead”
YES! “Our Planet, Our Selves” issue #25, pages 34-35

(1) The authors tell a story of teens in a small town who used scientific methods and critical thinking skills to uncover the connection between health and the environment—and then they took action to improve their community. Define and briefly describe the following terms:

waste pond:


scientific method:

(2) What does "environmentalism" mean to you?

(3) Why do you think environmentalism is sometimes dismissed as something “dreamed up by people with an agenda” as described by one science teacher in this article?

(4) Do you think that the youth in your community have the respect and resources you need to lead positive efforts to change it for the better? How might you influence the adults and businesses in your community?

(5) Have you made any efforts, or do you know someone who has made efforts, to make a positive change in your community? If so, explain. If not, what might be an improvement project that you could try in your school or community?

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