Curriculum & Resources

Curricula and lesson plans on topics ranging from climate change to happiness.
YES! Recommends: Dream of a Nation

Dream of a Nation explores today's challenges with new ideas and solutions through the perspective of on-the-ground thought leaders. It generously offers educators a range of free, downloadable resources, including lesson plans, interviews, videos, and discussion guides.

Visual Learning: Gauze for Concern

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about the foreclosure crisis in this country and what it might feel like to lose your home.

YES! Recommends: StoryCorps

StoryCorps records and archives interviews of everyday Americans to preserve history and personal stories. Its National Teachers Initiative was created to celebrate great teachers and to highlight their invaluable contributions and influence on students and all of us.

Curriculum & Resources: The Teacher Salary Project

Through an interactive and evolving website and the feature-length documentary American Teacher, The Teacher Salary Project brings awareness to the real and imminent crisis in our educational system—how little we value our strongest, most committed, and most effective teachers.

Visual Learning: It's in the Bag

This Visual Learning activity will get students thinking about how we use plastic, and the implications of living conveniently.

Spotlight on Green

A collection of education resources about "Green." From the environment to the economy, bring green into the classroom.

The Corporation

Watch a new video about an eighth grade class using The Corporation film as a discussion starter. Share with your students using free curriculum from The Ontario Institute of Studies in Education.

YES! Recommends: The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff Project now offers more films that explain and inform. Check out The Story of Broke, The Story of Citizens United v. FEC, and don't miss out on free curriculum from Facing the Future.

De-Stress Your Classroom

Edutopia bundle of resources on meditation programs that can be used in school. Steps and benefits to bringing meditation to the classroom.

Teaching Social Movements

A collection of YES! resources for teaching about Occupy and other social movements.

The Legacy Project

Cornell Professor Karl Pillemer, founder of The Legacy Project: Lessons for Living from the Wisest Americans, collected over 1,500 interviews of elders on a variety of subjects. In text and video, the oldest living generations of Americans share their experiences.