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Exemplary Essay Bank

Celebrating Student Writing


inspired writingThe YES! National Student Writing Competition demonstrates how teachers can use YES! Magazine stories as the basis for thought-provoking writing. It also gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions and show off their exemplary writing.

Each quarter, students will have the opportunity to read and respond to designated YES! Magazine articles, using the same writing prompt to write a 700-word essay. One essay per age category is selected by YES! for being the most well-written and compelling, and for capturing the spirit of the article.  Read these model essays—some from the former YES! Exemplary Essay Project— in addition to responses from the articles' authors.

Learn how you and your students can participate in the YES! National Student Writing Competition.

Katelynne Lingaas Essay on "The City That Ended Hunger" Katelynne Lingaas Essay on "The City That Ended Hunger"
by Katelynne Lingaas
Katelynne Lingaas, a sophomore at West Valley High School in Fairbanks, Alaska, read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "The City That Ended Hunger" by Frances Moore Lappé. Read Katelynne's essay on true democracy, which she believes is based on giving others the opportunity to make something of their lives.
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