Register for our Winter 2015 Student Writing Competition today!

This winter, participants will read and respond to the YES! Magazine article "Life After Worry" by Akaya Windwood.

The writing prompt?

Think of the things you worry about. What is one worry you’d like to throw away? What would you replace your worry with, and what would you—and possibly those around you— gain by not having that worry in your life?

Find out more about the competition and how to register here.

Congratulations to winners of our Fall 2014 YES! National Student Writing Competition!





Middle School Winner: Bowie Shreiber of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

High School Winner: Ally S. of northern Virginia

College Winner: Shannon Hickey of Birmingham, Alabama

Powerful Voice Winner: Tori Gardner of Mission, Kansas


Participants read and responded to the YES! article, “How the Real Teens Behind ‘The Fault in Our Stars” Are Bringing Empathy to the Internet,” by Christopher Zumski Finke.


Be inspired by the personal reflections these writers share about their experience fighting “world suck” with “awesome.” Plus, read the author’s response to winners







Stay tuned for the announcement of our next National Student Writing Competition prompt in spring 2015!

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