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March 2010 Newsletter Snapshot



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What Would Nature Do? :: TED-Ed talented teacher videos
Features stories about how solutions to our biggest challenges are evident in nature if we only choose to see them, with related teaching resources.
9 Steps to Better Health :: How To Help Your Introvert Students
It's your body! This Education Connection Newsletter features resources to support student health and success including curriculum from Nourish, the inside scoop from a Teen Health Center, documentary viewing guides and lesson plans, and a shocking (and sweet!) infographic that shows just how much sugar Americans consume.
Local Food? How About Local Learning?! :: Celebrate Black Poetry Day
Home is not only where the heart is, it’s also where your students can get the most out of learning. This newsletter features a story on place-based learning, lessons from Dream of a Nation that will inspire your students to be active in their community, and a short film that captures the heartache of foreclosure. Also, poems galore to celebrate Black Poetry Day.
2012 Greatest Hits :: Most Popular YES! Education Resources
YES! Education Connection newsletter favorites from the 2011-12 school year, including the Top Six most-read items.
Changing the Course of Dyslexia :: Poetic Advice on Wearing a Hoodie
Great teaching changes lives. Feel empowered by StoryCorps interviews that honor educators. Read the story of Landmark School and learn how to change the course for students with dyslexia. Also, start student discussion about Trayvon Martin with a powerful poem written by a mother for her son.
My Greatest Teaching Moment :: How to De-Stress Your Classroom
Looking to create a successful classroom? Wondering what corporations have to do with education? Discover a high school history teacher's greatest teaching moment, watch how a daughter learns the value of a good teacher, and explore a variety of tools for discussing corporate rule with students.
Generosity-Driven Student Projects :: What's your 3/4-baked idea?
How do you cultivate the hero within? Use ServiceSpace's fun interactive resources to inspire generosity in your students, and learn about Jason McLennan's 3/4 baked philosophy through Words that Inspire curriculum.
REAL Heroes for Your Students :: Teaching Teens Empathy
Heroes are celebrated in this newsletter that features Americans Who Tell the Truth, a collection of 170 portraits and quotes, plus curriculum, on people who have stood up for what they believe in. Resources on maps that stretch the mind and a story from a teacher who used poetry to help students transform ignorance into empathy.
Understanding Students with Dyslexia :: Doodling Boosts Learning
Does the curriculum you teach embody transformative teaching and learning? Creative Change Educational Solutions lesson plans and systems approach to sustainable education are highlighted in this newsletter. Recommended films and websites help you understand the school experiences of students with dyslexia. Also, the benefits of doodling—boosting creative thinking and learning—are revealed.
Occupy Wall Street :: Staying Positive in Wisconsin
Do you and your students look to the future with scrunched eyebrows or unbridled hope? The fall newsletter features the Legacy Project’s resources to help your students dream big. A Wisconsin teacher shares how she and her colleagues try to stay positive in the wake of Governor Walker’s budget hacking. Plus, resources on Occupy Wall Street.
Tales of a Beginning Teacher :: Prison Food vs. School Lunches
Spotlight is on resources from YES! Magazine’s “Beyond Prisons” issue and the fresh, forward-thinking nonprofit education group IDEA. Plus, your students can compare their cafeteria food to typical jail cuisine.
2011 Greatest Hits :: Most popular YES! education resources
We pay close attention to what newsletter features you like (and don’t). In this special edition, you’ll find the most read items—our “greatest hits” from the past year. Rediscover popular lesson plans, posters, and other classroom resources
Sleep. Who Needs It? :: The Ethics of Hunting
Do you rely on caffeine to get you through the day? National Institutes of Health sleep lessons inform you and your students on the importance of sleep. Heifer International, Pollinator Partnership, and other YES! resources explore animals' influential role in human and Earth's survival. Get inspiration from handpicked videos and stories, too.
Lessons for a compassionate co-existence with animals
What would your students do for the animals they love? Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, TeachKind, and other YES! resources share ways to protect and respectfully coexist with animals in our ever-changing environment. Plus poetry, a story on human paintings (whats that?!), and video gems.
Raffi's Centre for Child Honouring :: Understanding Students with Asperger's
If we made children our top priority, would we create a better world? Voices [Education Project], Harvard Family Research Project, and other YES! contributors share resources exploring how families and schools can work together for student happiness and success.