Curriculum & Resources

Curricula and lesson plans on topics ranging from climate change to happiness.
Infographic: Health Effects of Caffeine

Did you know that kids aged 12-17 are the fastest growing population of caffeine consumers? This infographic shows which countries consume the most caffeine and highlights some not-so-savory side effects of your morning coffee.

"Jazz in America" Curriculum

The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz has developed "Jazz in America," an Internet-based jazz curriculum for social studies, American history, and music classes to help students "develop imaginative thinking, creativity, curiosity, a positive self image, and a respect for their own and others' cultural heritage."

Visual Learning: With These Hands

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about poverty—here and in other countries—and will help them explore a creative approach to solve poverty.

The Story of Stuff Project Resources

The Story of Stuff Project is more than the short film "The Story of Stuff." It's a movement to get us to throw away all the stuff in our lives and work together to build a healthy planet.

No Impact Project Curriculum

Since 2006, No Impact Man, Colin Beavan, and his family have inspired a nation to swap their old consumer habits for new environmentally-friendly ones. The No Impact Curriculum explores the effects of your students’ everyday behavior on the environment, their health, and their well-being.

Institute for Humane Education Resources

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) curricula, lesson plans, online courses, graduate programs focus on human rights, animal protection, environmental stewardship, and cultural influences.

Visual Learning: Message in a Bottle

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about the risks and rewards of protests, and how to use social media to get people to support your cause.

"10 Reasons Why Co-ops Rock" Poster

Toolbox for Education and Social Change has a great classroom tool on cooperatives. You can buy its "10 Reasons Why Co-ops Rock" poster at pay-what-you-want prices. Available in Spanish, too.

Visual Learning: Out of Character

This Visual Learning activity will get your students thinking about the intersection of handwriting and digital typeface, and the fate of cursive writing around the world.

Resources from The Food Project

The Food Project, based in the Boston area, focuses on sustainable agriculture and youth leadership, and graciously shares many of its manuals, activities, and curricula for free.