Teacher Stories

Educators Share Experiences and Innovations
Weathering Walker's Storm: Staying Positive in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker's 2011 legislation on collective bargaining created pandemonium in education. How did one teacher’s community pull together to protect what they worked so hard to create. This is Jean’s story.

Tales of a Beginning Teacher

Brendan Clarke reflects on his first day of teaching, and why he left the classroom to rebuild our connection with the natural world. This is Brendan’s story.

Horses as Healers

Lorna Shepardson knows a magical gift horses possess that can help bring young people from the depths of darkness to a glimmer of self-confidence. This is Lorna’s story.

Want Successful Students? Meet the Parents

Girlie Forman, a former probation officer, uses her sense of humor and food to connect with her high school students—and their families. This is Girlie's story.

Powerful Learning Grows in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward

In New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, an old grocery store and urban farm is also a school. Our School at Blair Grocery meets crises with open eyes, humble hearts and social entrepreneurship. This is David’s story.

Teens Care for Their Local River, Their Way

How do you get distracted teens to take care of their local watershed? Peter Donaldson’s carrot is the opportunity to produce smart, hip videos and be the on-air expert. This is Peter’s story.

¡Hola! The Future Is Now

Michelle Contreras’ first grade native-Spanish- and English-speakers reflect the future. Michelle uses two-way Spanish immersion, touch therapy, and compassion to connect with her students. This is Michelle's story.

Why Race Has Everything To Do With Who and How I Teach

At Rising S.T.A.R.S. Male Academy in urban Atlanta, Walter Davis uses "real talk" and literature to teach middle school boys of color how to be excellent students and emerge as successful young men. This is Walter's story.

Growing Good People Through Work, Study, and Community

Environmentally conscious Warren Wilson College offers students organic gardens, eco-friendly dorms, vegetarian eateries—and a complete education through work, study, and community. This is Margo’s story.

Discovering the Beauty of Teenagers

John Hasyn was afraid of teenagers.Yet, the Canadian-based photographer chose to work full-on with Inuit youth in Nunavut. What he discovered changed his perspective forever. This is John's story.

Anthropology 101: How to Change the World

Professor Tom Murphy wanted his students to reconnect with nature. Now, they work beside farmers, fishermen, wastewater technicians, environmental groups, and Native American leaders through an award-winning service learning program. This is Tom's story.