Teaching Happiness

Discover the good life through resilience, creativity, and community.
Words That Inspire: Because

Instead of a letter, Terry Tempest Williams wrote a poem to nominate Lily Yeh as a YES! Breakthrough 15 Hero. The poem shared the many reasons why Lily Yeh is worthy of consideration. Who are the people students might be inspired to honor with a poem?

YES! Recommends: The Legacy Project

At a time of economic uncertainty—when your students are wondering about their future—the Legacy Project might serve as a compass to help them create their lives, connect to others, and change their world.

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There’s nothing like a college drop-out telling tales of getting fired and being diagnosed for cancer to fire up your students – and you – to pursue their passions. Especially when the speaker is the late Steve Jobs.

Horses as Healers

Lorna Shepardson knows a magical gift horses possess that can help bring young people from the depths of darkness to a glimmer of self-confidence. This is Lorna’s story.

Words That Inspire: Life After Worry

The state of the world gives us plenty to worry about. What would happen if we made a decision to no longer worry? Read Akaya Windwood's wise commentary on replacing worry with trust, and check out the classroom activity, too.

Words That Inspire: The Wild Geese

Wendell Berry's poem, "Wild Geese" paints a colorful image of Earth's bounty, inspiring the beloved poet and farmer to be thankful that all we need is around us. Do your students second that notion?

Words That Inspire: It Couldn’t Be Done

There are few things that motivate young people more than to be told that something can’t be done. High school student Ashe Jaafaru reads "It Couldn't Be Done", a poem by Edgar Albert Guest.

Want Successful Students? Meet the Parents

Girlie Forman, a former probation officer, uses her sense of humor and food to connect with her high school students—and their families. This is Girlie's story.

YES! Recommends: Tell Me Your Stories

Tell Me Your Stories connects young and older people through oral history interviews. Curriculum, interview templates, and other tools guide students through the interview process.

Words that Inspire: On Facing Judgment

Facing judgment is a life skill that teachers can help their students learn, so they may deal with others' opinions—fair or not—with confidence.