Teaching Outside the Box

Meaningful learning pushes boundaries with action, inquiry, and innovation.
Rescue the Planet

A comic strip by Stephanie McMillan with additional curriculum materials on analyzing comics and cartoons.

Connect and Engage: Addressing Fear

Here are lesson plans and how-to resources forcoming to terms with false assumptions about immigrants, the current economic crisis, and walls that separate important relationships. Simply put, it’s about addressing fear with clarity and calmness.

Connect and Engage: Elections

Use this election season to hone your students' skills in media literacy, deciphering political cartoons, and evaluating candidate voting records.

Debate Watching 101

The League of Women Voters’ Debate Watching Tools include Debate Watching 101, How to Judge a Candidate, and a candidate scorecard. Watching a debate is more exciting as a group. So, gather your students and be part of history!

5 Ways to Make History

Elections aren’t until November. But the heart of the process is going on right now. Here are my top 5 ideas for making a difference—and staying sane—in the coming months.

Lesson Plan Guidelines: Using YES! Stories in Class

YES! for Youth curriculum materials are based on articles published in the pages of ad-free YES! magazine. They are designed to help students explore positive solutions to social justice and environmental challenges.