Teaching Peace & Justice

Paths to peace, inclusion, equality, and compassion for all.
Why Women's Stories Matter

In this New York Times Learning Network lesson plan, students examine their school curriculum and personal experiences on reading stories about and by women. Through this analysis, they will deepen their understanding of why women's stories matter.

"Digital Empathy" College Winner Shannon Hickey

Read Shannon's essay about the solace and awesome she found on the Internet as a queer trans Catholic kid, and her desire to spread that acceptance to younger people experiencing suckiness.

"Digital Empathy" Literary Gems

We received many powerful essays for the Fall 2014 Writing Competition. Though not every participant can win the contest, we'd like to share some excerpts that caught our eye.

Visual Learning: Heart and Sole

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students to think about prisoners—the uniforms prisoners wear and the most effective ways to prepare for their transition back into society.

The Danger of Silence

When he was a kid, slam poet and teacher Clint Smith once gave up speaking for Lent. He found that his silence allowed some of his classmates to be bullied—and that he must use his voice to speak up for truth and justice.

Reflections on Poverty with "Nikki-Rosa" Poem

Nikki Giovanni's poem, "Nikki-Rosa," with accompanying Def Jam video and ReadWriteThink lesson will help students develop their understanding of poverty, explore their childhood experiences, and write about these reflections in a poem.

Visual Learning: With These Hands

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about poverty—here and in other countries—and will help them explore a creative approach to solve poverty.