Teaching Peace & Justice

Paths to peace, inclusion, equality, and compassion for all.
Curriculum & Resources: World Savvy

World Savvy prepares the next generation to learn, work, and thrive as responsible and engaged global citizens. It provides curriculum and other classroom-ready resources, professional development, and an educator network to boost student global competency.

Curriculum and Resources: Trash-Out

What can you learn about a family by examining the things they're left behind? Watch this short 5-minute film by POV and explore other PBS resources about the foreclosure crisis.

Curriculum and Resources: Poetry Foundation

October 17 is Black Poetry Day. Poetry Foundation offers a bounty of poems, lesson plans, essays, and more to teach students the fundamentals of African American poetry, and poetry in general.

YES! Recommends: Dream of a Nation

Dream of a Nation explores today's challenges with new ideas and solutions through the perspective of on-the-ground thought leaders. It generously offers educators a range of free, downloadable resources, including lesson plans, interviews, videos, and discussion guides.

Visual Learning: Gauze for Concern

This Visual Learning lesson will get your students thinking about the foreclosure crisis in this country and what it might feel like to lose your home.

Changing the Course of Dyslexia

Is it our civic responsibility to help students with language-based learning disabilities discover how they can learn? Landmark School headmaster Bob Broudo passionately believes so. This is Bob’s story.

Curriculum & Resources: The Teacher Salary Project

Through an interactive and evolving website and the feature-length documentary American Teacher, The Teacher Salary Project brings awareness to the real and imminent crisis in our educational system—how little we value our strongest, most committed, and most effective teachers.

Teaching Social Movements

A collection of YES! resources for teaching about Occupy and other social movements.

Academy of Achievement

With biographies, personal interviews, and powerful images, the Academy of Achievement provides the opportunity for students to find a modern hero that resonates with their life. A content-rich Achiever Gallery of photos and a well-organized curriculum are terrific resources for hero projects or studies.