Teaching Sustainability

How to build a robust economy, healthy planet, and just world for all.

Food stamp challenge

Living on a Food Stamps Budget

A one-week challenge to live on $3 each day. Plus, Seafood Watch's guide to healthy (and not) fish.




Infographic: Transportation for the New Generation
by Morgan Wright
Walk! Bike! Ride the bus! Check out this infographic to learn how young people are leading the way in replacing driving with alternative transportation. Don’t be fooled— it’s not just because they want to save the planet.
SPENT: An Online Game to Understand Poverty
by Jing Fong
If you don’t understand the feeling of trying to survive poverty, you will after playing SPENT.
Visual Learning: A Slow, Press-ious Process
by Jing Fong
With this YES! lesson plan, try to truly understand an image, its message, and why it’s interesting (or not). In this case it's all about local, sustainable farming.
Food Literacy Quiz
by Jing Fong
From Nourish and Food Day, a quiz that tests how food literate you are. The 15 questions reveal facts about food and its relationship to the bigger food system, and the community-at-large.
Sustainable Table Resources for Better Food Choices
by Jing Fong
YES! recommends Sustainable Table, a program of Grace Communications Foundation, for its well-rounded resources that educate and motivate people of all ages to take good care of their bodies and our planet.
Infographic: Health Effects of Caffeine
by Jing Fong
Did you know that kids aged 12-17 are the fastest growing population of caffeine consumers? This infographic shows which countries consume the most caffeine and highlights some not-so-savory side effects of your morning coffee.
Simon Okelo's Response to "Simple Living" Essay Winners
by Simon Okelo
Simon Okelo, author of "Growing Up in a Kenyan Slum Taught Me the Real Value of Stuff," responds to essay winners of the Fall 2013 "Simple Living" writing competition.
The Story of Stuff Project Resources
by Jing Fong
The Story of Stuff Project is more than its signature short film. It's a movement to get us to throw away all the stuff in our lives and work together to build a healthy planet. Spot-on curriculum, short films, and more resources are generously offered.
No Impact Project Curriculum
by Jing Fong
Since 2006, No Impact Man, Colin Beavan, and his family have inspired a nation to swap their old consumer habits for new environmentally-friendly ones. The No Impact Curriculum explores the effects of your students’ everyday behavior on the environment, their health, and their well-being.
Institute for Humane Education Resources
by Jing Fong
The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) believes that in order to create a just, sustainable, and humane world, humane education needs to be at the core of everyone’s education. IHE curricula, lesson plans, online courses, graduate programs focus on human rights, animal protection, environmental stewardship, and cultural influences.
"Genetically Modified Food" Powerful Voice Winner Russell Chiang
by Russell Chiang
Russell Chiang is a student of Angela Halpin at Carmel Valley Middle School in San Diego, California. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "A Month Without Monsanto," by April Dávila. Read Russell's essay about how GMOs may harm one's body, and how monopolizing companies can harm the economy.
"Genetically Modified Food" College Winner Ryan Barry
by Ryan Berry
Ryan Barry is a student of Professor Tom Hudspeth at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "A Month Without Monsanto," by April Dávila. Read Ryan's essay about his concerns surrounding the health effects of GMOs, and his recommendation to follow the European Union's lead and adopt the precautionary principle.
"Genetically Modified Food" High School Winner Erica Young
by Erica Young
Erica Young is a student of Jorge Muñoz at Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California. She read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "A Month Without Monsanto," by April Dávila. Read Erica's creative essay about how foods, like superheroes, should proudly display their logos to disclose their identities.
"Genetically Modified Food" Middle School Winner Sharon Lin
by Sharon Lin
Sharon Lin is a student of Michael Ferraro at William R. Satz School in Holmdel, New Jersey. She read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "A Month Without Monsanto," by April Dávila. Read Sharon's essay about how April Dávila inspired Sharon to adopt an organic vegan diet, and the increased energy and self-confidence she felt as a result.
"Genetically Modified Food" Literary Gem Author Omar Charles
by Omar Charles
Omar Charles is a student of Allison Stuart at General George A. McCall Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "A Month Without Monsanto," by April Dávila. Read Omar's essay about his realization that when it comes to fighting products that may harm people and the environment, he has to become his own hero.