Exemplary Essays on “Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country”

Royce Baker

Royce Baker and Nathan Christensen, students at Edmonds Community College in Edmonds, Washington, read and responded to the YES! Magazine article "Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country," by Edward Tick.  Tick also offers his personal commentary on Baker's and Christensen's essays. 

Our Patriotic Duties as Citizens During Wartime

Royce Baker read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country" by Edward Tick. Royce's writing prompt: Soldiers have a responsibility to defend their country. What do you think our responsibilities are as civilians, especially as we go about our lives at home?

Nate ChristensenI've Changed

Nathan Christensen read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country" by Edward Tick. Nathan's writing prompt: Do you agree that all Americans share responsibility for the war in Iraq?  Even if you were against the war from the start, do you think you are responsible for helping returned soldiers heal? If not, who should take responsibility?

Edward Tick.jpgEdward Tick's Response

Edward Tick, PhD, is author of War and the Soul and three other books. He has worked with veterans for three decades and is director and senior psychotherapist of Soldier's Heart: Veteran's Safe Return Initiatives.




  • Want an opportunity for your students to step up their writing and write for a real audience? Learn about how to join the YES! Magazine Exemplary Essay Project here.
  • Soldier's Heart
    Created in response to an outpouring of concern for returning and past war veterans, Soldier's Heart addresses the emotional, moral, and spiritual needs of veterans, their families, and communities. 
  • Roots of Compassion
    To be compassionate toward others, we first have to learn to be merciful with ourselves.
  • Fort Hood: We're Killing Ourselves
    Grace Boggs on breaking free from cycles of violence.


December EdNews snapshotThe above resources accompany the December 2010 YES! Education Connection Newsletter

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