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Congratulations to the Winners of the Winter 2014 Writing Competition!

For Winter 2014, participants read and responded to the YES! Magazine article,"Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country," by Dr. Edward Tick, a story about the many veterans he sees physically and emotionally wounded from serving in the war and how we, as community members, can help these warriors heal.

The writing prompt was: "Imagine what it's like to serve in a war. Write a letter to a veteran—fictitious or someone you know. Whether or not you agree with U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how might you welcome this soldier home, and express your support for the transition this soldier faces as he or she returns to civilian life?"

Congratulations to our essay winners and thank you to all writers who submitted essays!


Karla Gomez photoWinter 2014 Middle School Winner Karla Gomez

Karla Gomez is a student of Mary Guillory at ASTEC Middle School in Oklahoma. Read Karla's letter that discusses ethnicity and the sense of belonging to a country.


Jim Xie photoWinter 2014 High School Winner Jim Xie

Jim Xie is a student of Kathryn Yam at Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Markham, Ontario. Read Jim's letter highlighting the unimaginable hardships of war and his gratitude towards veterans.


Blaine Stine photo

Winter 2014 College Winner Blaine Stine

Blaine Stine is a student of Stacy Frazier at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. Read Blaine's letter that uses the word "silence" to convey a powerful message to the soldier.


Audrey Cameron photoWinter 2014 Powerful Voice Winner Audrey Cameron

Audrey Cameron is a student of Erin Conley at the Peace and Justice Academy in Pasadena, California. Read Audrey's letters that show her unconditional support for her friend.


Cheyanne Smith photoWinter 2014 Powerful Voice Winner Cheyanne Smith

Cheyanne Smith is a student of Stacy Frazier at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. Read Cheyanne's letter that asks a soldier introspective questions about his journey as a soldier and veteran.


Jay Hagstrom photoWinter 2014 Powerful Voice Winner Jay Hagstrom

Jay Hagstrom is a student of Molly Badrawy at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. Read Jay's letter to a fellow veteran about the difficulties of not feeling like a true veteran.


Edward Tick.jpgDr. Edward Tick's Response to Winter 2014 Essay Winners

Dr. Edward Tick, co-founder of Soldier's Heart and author of "Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country," responds to winners of the Winter 2014 essay competition.




Winners for the Spring 2014 Writing Competition will be announced in mid August.

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