Can Eminent Domain Be Used to Avert a Foreclosure Mess? This California City Thinks So
by Mark Andrew Boyer
Governments usually use eminent domain powers to displace people. But one hardscrabble Bay Area city is going to the mat to do just the opposite—stabilize its economy and keep residents where they are.
The Dark Side of Consumerism: What Landfills and Nursing Homes Taught These Indian Villagers
by Sven Eberlein
Glamorized consumer culture has serious side effects—and to help people in remote Indian villages understand this, one filmmaker brought them to the West. Here’s what they thought of the dark side of Western lifestyles.
Finding the Gold in "Tough" Neighborhoods
by Jay Walljasper
To transform economically and socially depressed areas into healthy, vibrant communities, we have to focus on their strengths and trust residents to solve their own problems.
Want to Change the World (and Not Get Burnt Out)? Start with Your Neighborhood
by Jay Walljasper
Starting the process of change in a place you know well makes it more doable and fun.
A Piazza on Every Block: How DIY Placemaking Is Transforming Communities
by Jay Walljasper
Americans who’ve enjoyed the vibrant public places of Europe and Latin America are bringing the idea back to the cities and towns of the U.S.
Can Crowdsourcing Help Save Dying Languages?
by Michele Lent Hirsch
More than 3,000 of the world’s languages are at risk of dying out, but a new set of tools will help the linguists and advocates who defend them.
Joining a Rural Community: Why It Takes Years to Be Accepted
by Shannon Hayes
Country people have a reputation for viewing outsiders with skepticism. But it turns out they have good reasons for doing that.
What Lipstick and High Heels Taught Me About Friendship
by Shannon Hayes
Heather and I were like oil and water. We made polite conversation but couldn’t find a single thing in common. But slowly over time, a friendship has grown.
Four Paths to a More Compassionate Patriotism
by Jeremy Adam Smith
Can one celebrate the Fourth of July without hating and fearing other countries?
Making Hurricane Preparedness Fun...and Delicious
by Chuck Collins
The Jamaica Plain New Economy transition town has found that pie parties are a good way to get more people interested in disaster preparedness.
Why Rain and Cold Can’t Stop Our Family Farm
by Shannon Hayes
Selling food in the freezing rain is not my favorite thing. But seeing my customers come out in the bad weather reminded me of why of do this work.
How Afternoon French Lessons Turned Friends into Family
by Shannon Hayes
I was afraid of being judged by a neighbor who began giving free French lessons to my kids. But the worries melted away as our friendship grew deeper.
What’s Love Got to Do with the Apocalypse? We Asked This Group of Young Leaders
by Sarah van Gelder
On life, leadership, and the future in an age of catastrophic change.
“Modified Social Benches”: An Experiment in Outdoor Socializing
by Cat Johnson
An installation of creatively shaped benches in Belgium pushes the edge of urban sit-ability.
Love Your Books? 4 Ways to Share Them With Others
by Fabien Tepper, Signe Predmore
From mobile libraries to tiny libraries, how to get others to read the books you love.