No Papers, No Fear: Risking Deportation at the DNC
by Molly Knefel
Why did ten undocumented immigrants choose to get arrested in Charlotte, even when they knew they could face deportation?
A Bill of Rights—for Homeowners
by Seth Sandronsky
California’s new law gives increased protection to people threatened with foreclosure. Will other states follow?
What We Learned From Swimming With Leeches
by Shannon Hayes
The appearance of “bloodsucking parasites” in one farm family’s pond got them thinking: How could we be so comfortable with our natural world, yet paranoid about harmless—and helpful—creatures in it?
Minnesota’s Ground Zero for Unjust Evictions
A glitch in PNC Bank’s online payment system meant the Cruz family’s home fell into foreclosure, putting it at the center of a committed community stand-off.
Life Is Easier With Friends Next Door
by Sven Eberlein
Feeling a need for community? Cohousing can provide affordable space and neighbors to share it with.
The Audacity of Acting Out: What Our Kids Can Teach Us
by Shannon Hayes
In a society where we are taught not to call out absurdity where we see it, how can we learn to speak up?
How I Learned to Love My Hometown
by Mindy Fullilove, Molly Rose Kaufman
A sense of history and community tugged at the heart of Mindy Fullilove and pulled her back to the Jersey home she’d forsaken.
Foreclosure Aftermath: What We Leave Behind
by S.J. Dunning
Our homes tell the story of where we come from and who we are. What happens when we lose them?
How I Found Bliss in a Creaky Old Rental
by Corbyn Hightower
Corbyn Hightower and her family moved from affluence to poverty—and into a "funky, junky" house that's been the happiest move of their lives.
10 Ways To Love Where You Live
by Ross Chapin
How to build community here and now—because neighborhoods are more than houses in proximity.
Homes That Survived the Crash
by Sarah van Gelder
While Wall Street players used home finance to make mega-profits for the 1 percent, local banks and community land trusts got people into decent, secure, affordable homes.
Cheaper Together: How Neighbors Invest in Community
by Miriam Axel-Lute, John Emmeus Davis, Harold Simon
Cooperative financing and community land trusts keep rents affordable and homeownership within reach.
Author Response to Spring 2012 Essay Winners
by Katherine Gustafson
Katherine Gustafson, author of YES! Magazine article, "You Are Who You Eat With," responds to the winners of the Spring 2012 writing competition.
"Eating Together" College Winner Willis Reed
by Willis Reed
Willis Reed is a student at Edmonds Community College and a member of the King County Explorer Search and Rescue. He read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "You Are Who You Eat With" by Katherine Gustafson. Read Willis's essay about brotherhood forged around the dinner table.
"Eating Together" Middle School Winner Kate LeBlanc
by Kate LeBlanc
Kate LeBlanc is a seventh grade student at Metro Montessori Middle School in Portland, Oregon. She read and responded to the YES! Magazine article, "You Are Who You Eat With" by Katherine Gustafson. Read Kate's essay about lessons learned at the table.