Dear Michelle Obama: If We Want to Curb Childhood Obesity, Sesame Street Is Not Going to Cut It
by Erin Sagen
Can a licensing deal between Sesame Street and the Produce Marketing Association truly improve childhood health? Maybe, but grassroots solutions already exist.
A New Dad Asks, If Male Violence Is the Biggest Threat to Women—How Do I Raise a Kind Son?
by Christopher Zumski Finke
The idea of having a baby boy scared me: What kind of man will he grow up to be? Here’s what I learned about what it takes to raise compassionate men.
The Radical Homemaker's Guide to Sex Talks
by Shannon Hayes
Living a happy life in love is the most important sexual education we can give our kids.
How We Went Back to School, Macklemore Style
by Frida Berrigan
For a more sustainable start to the school year, just follow the Seattle-based rapper to that thrift store down the road.
When You've Built a Life of Joys, the Biggest Challenge Is Choosing
by Shannon Hayes
I've built a life filled with work I love. But the challenge of choosing among competing joys is very real.
Putting My Kids' Art in the Trash: How I Got Past the Guilt
by Shannon Hayes
It feels bad to throw away the crayon drawings and unfinished projects. But the memories stored there can never really be lost.
How a “Dog Person” Learned to Love a Neighbor’s Kid
by Shannon Hayes
I never expected to develop such a strong connection with another person’s child. But once it happened, I had to learn how to let her go.
How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness
by Jay Walljasper
When we share our yards, sidewalks, and other common spaces, we find a greater sense of belonging and connection to those around us.
It Takes Time: Why Sustainable Farming Can’t Be Rushed
by Shannon Hayes
Maybe there’s something deeper to the stereotype of old-school farmers as plodding, slow-moving people.
Stay Weird or Fit In? It’s Your Kid’s Decision
by Shannon Hayes
Wearing a sunhat and a cape because you want to is innocence. Doing so when you know others don’t like it is bravery.
Five Reasons Why It’s a Good Time to Be a Dad
by Jeremy Adam Smith
Gone are the days of the emotionally distant breadwinner. Today’s dads are more and more involved in their kids’ lives.
How Afternoon French Lessons Turned Friends into Family
by Shannon Hayes
I was afraid of being judged by a neighbor who began giving free French lessons to my kids. But the worries melted away as our friendship grew deeper.
Why Sticky Cabinets Have a Place on My Dream Farm
by Shannon Hayes
When we visualize the lives we desire, we often leave out the difficulties and frustrations. But they’re inevitable, and in the end they make the rewards of life more satisfying.
For a Future that Won’t Destroy Life on Earth, Look to the Global Indigenous Uprising
by Kristin Moe
Idle No More is the latest incarnation of an age-old movement for life that doesn't depend on infinite extraction and growth. Now, armed with Twitter and Facebook, once-isolated groups from Canada to South America are exchanging resources and support like never before.
Mothers Day Cards that Actually Depict Our Moms
by Corey Hill
The reality of motherhood in America has little in common with the comfortable images portrayed in cards and on TV. A set of Mothers Day e-cards you can send for free shows moms that better reflect our diverse society.