Green Gift Ideas from our Facebook Friends

We asked our Facebook followers: How do you plan to give green during the holidays? Here's what they told us.
Centre for Child Honouring- seedling it’s got “green” written all over it. 

Jennifer Teed


I give a voucher for seedlings of the heirloom tomatoes that I raise from seed each spring. 

— Candy DeBerry


I will be making homemade granola for friends and family this year. This is the recipe I will be using: Homemade Granola

— Christine Cook


I like those cards that say you have donated to a worthy cause in someone’s honor. I also like sewing gifts such as reusable shopping bags, hats, and eye pillows made of silk stuffed with millet and lavendar — the possibilities are endless! 

Julie Carter

A bus pass is a great gift. 

MacGregor Eddy


Many relatives will be donating in honor of one another to the Red Cross to help with Sandy! 

Denise Brennan Dailey


We are making photo books for my six nieces and nephews out of cardstock, binder rings, and photos we took on our trip to visit them recently. 

Sarah Guillerman Dooley


I use my coffee grinder to make custom-dried herb mixes for my family. I use jam jars or other small jars letting them know what they got. I also provide two recipes for them to use. I also infuse olive oils and make my own yummy balsamic dressing. 

Kathy Papineau


TIME. Read to someone. Take an elderly or less-abled person shopping. Babysit for someone so they can attend a child-free event. 

Kathy Paul

How about a good old fashioned tree sapling? 

Scott Allen


We buy gourmet-grade green coffee beans and roast them ourselves. Very easy to do in a popcorn popper. 

Robbin Vokes Lenardon


The benefits of membership. Think annual membership to a museum, the National Park Service, an environmental group or center, or even a share of a local CSA.

 — Debra Baida



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