Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness
Real people show how to live the good life and share their secrets to happiness.
Happiness Class at Harvard
Tal Ben-Shahar teaches the Happiness Class at Harvard University.
Keep Moving
Real people show how to live the good life and share their secrets to happiness. Run when you are over 80!
Urban Playground Movement
The Urban Playground movement is bringing do-it-yourself fun to the heart of big cities. Kevin Bracken, who organizes events in Toronto, says the idea is to create spaces for participatory amusement.
Happiness-in-Action Heroes
Real people show how to live the good life and share their secrets to happiness.
Just the Facts :: Who’s Happier?
by Noah Grant
A better economy doesn't necessarily mean a happier country.
Readers Forum :: What Makes You Happy?
by YES! Readers
A collection of reader submitted ideas on what makes them happy, and what they are most grateful for in their life.
10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy
by Jen Angel
Scientists can tell us how to be happy. Really. Here are 10 ways, with the research to prove it.
Be Happy Anyway
by Sarah van Gelder, Doug Pibel
If money equals happiness, a financial crisis means we’re all gloomy, right? Or could the crisis actually work for us?
A New American Dream
by Sarah van Gelder
Does happiness matter when the bottom is falling out the world economy and the politics of our country is changing? We think it does.
Theme Guide :: Sustainable Happiness
What makes us happy? It's a question we could leave to philosophers and poets, except for this: the pursuit of happiness, as now defined, is running our world into the ground. So the question that may turn out to be key to our future is: How can we have happy people and a happy planet?
Connect and Engage: Addressing Fear
by Jing Fong
Here are lesson plans and how-to resources forcoming to terms with false assumptions about immigrants, the current economic crisis, and walls that separate important relationships. Simply put, it’s about addressing fear with clarity and calmness.
WTO Photo Quiz :: 1
by Kevin Sharp
Photographer Kevin Sharp paired his photos of the 1999 event with stills from the new film "Battle in Seattle". You might be surprised by what's real and what's not.
Update :: Children Helping Children
by Layla Aslani
9 years ago in YES! … we reported on 16-year-old Craig Kielburger who, at age 12, got together with some friends to form Free The Children (FTC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to abolishing child labor worldwide. Today … we check in on the work of Free The Children.
In Review :: Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime
by Ann Lovejoy
Ann Lovejoy, gardener and garden writer extraordinaire, reviews Kenneth Helphand's book about gardens made in wartime. These gardens speak of the fierce and persistent hope that exist wherever seeds and soil can be found.