Online Tools Help Doctors Listen Up

Does your doctor understand what you need? These simple tools are helping practitioners slow down and communicate better with patients.

Sharat Somashekara: Healthy Food For All

When Sharat noticed that Americans without access to affordable, healthy food didn't eat as well as his family, he decided to do his part to change that.

Breastfeeding Moms Boot Nestlé from Maternity Wards

If breastfeeding is healthier for babies, why are hospitals pushing corporate infant formula? How a growing number of states and cities are banning marketing in the maternity ward.

A Mothers’ Movement for Future Generations

Cancer survivor Heidi Hutner worried about how to raise a baby girl in an increasingly toxic world. Why she, and others, are convening the Women’s Congress for Future Generations to make the earth safe again for our children.

Detroit’s Good Food Cure

What happens when the Motor City transforms itself into the capital of grow-your-own food?

Widespread War on Reproductive Rights

National polls show that most of the public supports birth control and abortion rights. So what’s with the trend of trying to limit them?