Kids Can Teach Themselves

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2013 TED Prize Winner and education innovator Sugata Mitra speculates that “education is a self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.”

In his vivacious TED Talk, Mitra describes his current projects, including the “Granny Cloud,” in which a group of 200 British grandmothers each donate one hour per week to teach children in small Indian villages via video link. The future of learning is hope-filled when we trust that “children will learn to do what they want to learn to do.”




  • Bring on the Learning Revolution!
    In a sequel to his talk on how schools kill creativity, Sir Ken Robinson urges society to create schools where kids' natural talents are recognized.
  • What Our Kids Can Teach Us About Trying Over
    Children’s future happiness is not tied to how well they behave or whether they will be able to hold a job. It is tied to their ability to create with their minds and their hands.


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