Infographic: Michael Pollan Says Home Cooking Might be the Single Best Way to Improve Your Health
by Doug Pibel
We spend less time in the kitchen than ever. But cooking could be an important solution to our public health crisis.
The Movement to Live More Simply Is Older Than You Think
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12 Things You Can Do With a Mason Jar (and Only One Involves Canning)
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The Dark Side of Consumerism: What Landfills and Nursing Homes Taught These Indian Villagers
by Sven Eberlein
Glamorized consumer culture has serious side effects—and to help people in remote Indian villages understand this, one filmmaker brought them to the West. Here’s what they thought of the dark side of Western lifestyles.
Growing Up in a Kenyan Slum Taught Me the Real Value of Stuff
by Simon Okelo
It was only after experiencing the abundance of stuff in the United States that Simon Okelo learned to value life with less, the way he grew up.
Too Much Stuff in Your Life? 7 Ways to Turn it Around
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How We Went Back to School, Macklemore Style
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Joining a Rural Community: Why It Takes Years to Be Accepted
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Country people have a reputation for viewing outsiders with skepticism. But it turns out they have good reasons for doing that.
How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness
by Jay Walljasper
When we share our yards, sidewalks, and other common spaces, we find a greater sense of belonging and connection to those around us.
How to See Stars Like Your Ancestors Did
by Katrina Rabeler, Chris Francis
We could all see the sky as our ancestors once saw it just by turning off the lights, according to the International Dark Sky Association.
3 Global Cities That Are Doing Bike Shares Right (And One’s in Texas!)
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From China to San Antonio, cities are using rental bike programs to create healthier commutes. Here are a few insights from some of the world’s best programs.
Why Sticky Cabinets Have a Place on My Dream Farm
by Shannon Hayes
When we visualize the lives we desire, we often leave out the difficulties and frustrations. But they’re inevitable, and in the end they make the rewards of life more satisfying.
“Modified Social Benches”: An Experiment in Outdoor Socializing
by Cat Johnson
An installation of creatively shaped benches in Belgium pushes the edge of urban sit-ability.
Vermont Time Bankers Build a More Personal Economy
Video: Whatever service you might need, you’re likely to be able to get it at Onion River Time Bank, where you pay by doing what you love.
Finding the Simple Life at Sea—On a Shoestring
by Peter Pearsall
Think an island-hopping cruise across the Pacific is only for the elite? Not if you take the slow boat.