The Wisdom of the Mulla

The well-loved trickster from Islamic folklore reminds us to trust, laugh, and be honest with ourselves.

Independence Day

America may be free from a monarch, but can we be truly independent in a consumerist society?

Back to Shore

A drift from substance is a recurring pattern in religious life. What will it take to call ourselves back to the essentials?

Life After Worry

A few years ago, Akaya Windwood made a decision not to worry. Ever. So how’s that working out for her?

The Roots of Compassion

To be compassionate toward others, we first have to learn to be merciful with ourselves.

A World of Oneness

Pastor Don Mackenzie redefines what it means to be truly “alive.”

By Any Means Necessary

Reflecting on Malcolm X’s birthday: What if what’s necessary is awe-inspiring, unconditional, militant love?

Compassion Comes First

Seattle makes a 10-year commitment to become a more compassionate city.

Beyond Us and Them

Very often, what we dislike in others is something that we need to acknowledge, heal, integrate, and empower in ourselves.

Social Action: The Church’s Ministry in the World

Somewhere in our history, the link between inner spirituality and its expression in the world as loving social action grew faint. To renew that connection, we can draw deeply on traditions that call attention to our Oneness.