21-Day Gratitude Challenge: I’m Grateful I Can Honor the Child I Lost By Being More Open to Love Today
A moving sampling of participants’ reflections from the first two days of the Gratitude Challenge.
Lessons from a Pay-It-Forward Restaurant: The Importance of Gratitude
by Pavithra Mehta
At the Karma Kitchen, people enjoy a meal that’s already paid for—and are invited to continue the chain of generosity. In the process, organizers and participants alike learn the transformative power of gratitude.
An Unexpected Paradise on Haiti's South Coast
These filmmakers toured Haiti's rural south in a pickup truck for 10 days. The footage they captured shows a side of Haitian life most have never seen.
Five Reasons Why We Need Halloween
by Jeremy Adam Smith
Don’t think rituals celebrating costumes and candy can make you happier and healthier? Science says they can.
Move Over Duct Tape—Why a Mason Jar Is the One Thing You Need
by Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn
The best measure of the value of a thing may be this: “How many ways can I use this? How many other things will I not have to buy?”
The Dark Side of Consumerism: What Landfills and Nursing Homes Taught These Indian Villagers
by Sven Eberlein
Glamorized consumer culture has serious side effects—and to help people in remote Indian villages understand this, one filmmaker brought them to the West. Here’s what they thought of the dark side of Western lifestyles.
Growing Up in a Kenyan Slum Taught Me the Real Value of Stuff
by Simon Okelo
It was only after experiencing the abundance of stuff in the United States that Simon Okelo learned to value life with less, the way he grew up.
Why Rain and Cold Can’t Stop Our Family Farm
by Shannon Hayes
Selling food in the freezing rain is not my favorite thing. But seeing my customers come out in the bad weather reminded me of why of do this work.
Five Reasons Why It’s a Good Time to Be a Dad
by Jeremy Adam Smith
Gone are the days of the emotionally distant breadwinner. Today’s dads are more and more involved in their kids’ lives.
Finding the Simple Life at Sea—On a Shoestring
by Peter Pearsall
Think an island-hopping cruise across the Pacific is only for the elite? Not if you take the slow boat.
Sustainable Happiness? 6 Ways to Get There
by Catherine O'Brien, Ian Murray
Discover natural highs, map your interdependence, and other ways to discover joy within your reach.
Don’t Laugh: The UN’s First International Happiness Day is Serious Business
by Frances Moore Lappe
Frances Moore Lappé on how countries and cities around the world, from Bhutan to Boston, are measuring well-being beyond GDP.
What Our Kids Can Teach Us About Trying Over
by Shannon Hayes
Children’s future happiness is not tied to how well they behave or whether they will be able to hold a job. It is tied to their ability to create with their minds and their hands.
4 Lessons for Growing a Family Farm across Generations
by Shannon Hayes
Breaking our families into nuclear units has an ecological and emotional cost. Could the multigenerational farm remind us where to turn for a viable future?
Video: Bringing Diversity to America’s National Parks
by YES! Staff
Take a journey to Yosemite National Park with the Amazing Grace 50+ Club, a Los Angeles-based church group that strives to bring more people of color to our national parks.