Feeling Short on Time? Try Something Awe-Inspiring
by Stacey Kennelly
A study suggests that the same experiences that make us notice the vastness of the universe also make us feel there’s more time in the day.
9 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health (Without Joining a Gym)
by Sven Eberlein
Laughter, the arts, touch, sleep. What you can do in your everyday life to get healthier.
Breaking Through Concrete: An Urban Farm Roadtrip
by David Hanson, Edwin Marty, Michael Hanson
Farmers across the country are taking to rooftops, vacant lots, any space they can find to build an urban farm revival.
Happiness Comes From Respect, Not Riches
by Stacey Kennelly
A series of studies shows that wealth doesn’t make us happier—but the respect of others does.
What We Learned From Swimming With Leeches
by Shannon Hayes
The appearance of “bloodsucking parasites” in one farm family’s pond got them thinking: How could we be so comfortable with our natural world, yet paranoid about harmless—and helpful—creatures in it?
One More Benefit of Local Food
by Shannon Hayes
A farmer sings the praises of having non-farmers close at hand.
How to Build a Bike Train
by Maya Jacobs
Forty years ago, almost half of American kids biked to school. A smart idea for getting kids pedaling again.
The Other Side of Gainful Unemployment
by Shannon Hayes
The downsides of doing it all.
Five Lessons in Human Goodness from “The Hunger Games”
by Jeremy Adam Smith
The dystopian tale is really about compassion, empathy, and cooperation, argues Jeremy Adam Smith—and there's scientific reason for that.
The Perks of Being Gainfully Unemployed
by Shannon Hayes
Is job security real security? Shannon Hayes makes the case for diversifying your income.
A Vision of America the Possible
by Gus Speth
Gus Speth imagines a compelling vision of a better, happier country—and how to make it possible.
Live Within Contradictions: Ernest Callenbach’s Last Message
by Ernest Callenbach
The author of Ecotopia, who died in April, left behind his final thoughts on hope and transformation.
Why This May Day Matters
by Sarah van Gelder
This year, the day is about occupying the space and the time to create a different world.
The UN Embraces the Economics of Happiness
by Laura Musikanski
Leaders from around the world want well-being—not gross national product—to guide our economic decisions.
How Biking Benefits Everyone
by Jay Walljasper
Just because someone doesn’t bike, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from cities and towns making biking a priority.