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Stacks of old signs in Copenhagen
Kalo, photo by Robert Hutchinson
Living Car Free, photo by Kevin Steele
Check writing, photo by David M. Goehring
Big Box store, photo by D'Arcy Norman
Coal mine, photo by Wally Gobetz
Blended Nation, photo by Mike Tauber
Stethoscope, photo by Lidor
Stethoscope, photo by Lidor
Flower and fence, photo by Jenny Downing
Shannon Hayes with daughter
Carlos Jimenez at the 2007 USSF
Cherry tomatoes
Victory Garden poster
Chris Jordan on Midway Beach, photo by Jav Vozenilek
Eastern Market, photo by Dig Downtown Detroit
Eaarth, detail of book by Bill McKibben
The End of the Long Summer cover photo
Marriage protester, photo by Elijah Nouvelage
Shannon Hayes milking. Photo by Bob Hopper
Sleeping pig
May Day Immigration Rally 2010 - Los Angeles
Bank of North Dakota headquarters
K street
Black Mesa Mine
Enjoying the ride
School lunch, photo by Ben W
March for Peace and Nuclear Free Future, photo by asterix611
Bangladeshi women, photo by Suzanna Finley
Raj Patel, photo by Jan Sturmann
Grapes, photo by leedav
Frances Moore Lappe, photo by Paul Dunn for YES! Magazine
Americans Who Tell the Truth, by Robert Shetterly
Immigration reform protest, photo by cobalt123
Photo by Living Water International
Photo by Boris SV
Wind farm, photo by Brent Danley
Photo courtesy of Gasland
Car-free in LA, photo by Diane Meyer
Framing, photos by Sarah Jones and the U.S. Coast Guard
Resilience quiz, YES! Magazine graphic
Bulldozer, photo by Todd Huffman
Photo by samdaq/Flickr
CEO protest, photo courtesy of seiuhealthcare775nw
Natural gas drilling, photo by Helen Slottje
Money, photo by Earl
Money, photo by Earl
Money, photo by Earl
Money, photo by Earl
Boundary waters, photo by Michele Molinari
Doug Shields at Pittsburgh fracking protest, photo byMark Knobil
Cancun demonstration, photo by Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam
Friends, photo from Humanity
Seedling, photo by Xerones
Filipino workers, photo by John Cavanagh
Port of Seattle, photo by Michael B.
How to Keep Love Going Strong, illustration by Ivana Forgo and YES! Magazine
Judy Bonds, portrait by Robert Shetterly
Jalesco forest, photo by Lara Danielle
Oil spill, photo by National Wildlife Federation
Credit Trap, Photo by Mike Bitzenhofer
Ging-Ging Weaving Bedding, Photo by John Cavanagh
Strawberries, photo by Jay Cox
Net neutrality, photo by Melissa St. Hilaire.
Rocky times ahead, photo by Makena Zayle Gadient
Wall Street, photo by Mister V
Apo Island, photo courtesy EcoTipping Points Project
Asheville buy local campaign, Photo by Alicia Pimental
Martin Luther King, Jr., portrait by Robert Shetterly
Carrots in love, photo by Debbie R
Wild horses, photo by Black Tiger
Berline wall, photo by Beek100
Wisconsin protest sign
Harvesting at Clean Greens Farm, Photo by Camille Sheppard Dohrn.
Wisconsin capitol, photo by Mike Martens
Photo by Camille Sheppard Dohrn
Baseball, Apple Pie, Labor Rights photo by Rob Chandanais
Tim DeChristopher, photo by Daphne Hougard
Tim DeChristopher, photo by Daphne Hougard
The Story of Citizens United, video still
Mahlon Mitchell, photo by David Hoefler
Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Dergahi Sufi Muslim center in Sidney, N.Y. Photo courtesy of Osmanli Traveller.
Photo courtesy of Office Now
Buying bread in Mozambique, photo by ILRI/Mann
The Emotional Lives of Animals, Photo by Evan Long
Illustration by Rob Sussman for YES! Magazine
Photo by Peace Education Center.
Moral underground, photo by Laura
UK March for an Alternative
White rice, photo by the International Rice Research Institute.
Temple Grandin
Photo by Arianne
Turtle, photo by Martin Klein
Commons, photo by Ian Brewer
Community garden, photo by gail m tang.
Photo by Brian Harris/The Independent
Finding Thier Way, film still
Economics of Happiness detail
Photo courtesy of Zakira
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