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Exxon Valdez Clean-Up
Boston Tea Party illustration courtesy of the National Archives
Yes Men Glasses
Couple outside Photo by Garry Wilmore
Mannequins Photo by Roger Price
Naomi Klein photo courtesy of Truthout
Mother and baby photo by WonderMonkey2k
Students photo courtesy of Arizona College
We are One photo by Joe Schueller
Moosicorn Ranch photo courtesy of Moosicorn Ranch
Occupy photo by Andy Sternberg
Hot Bread Kitchen photo by Kristen Gladney
Hennepin Ave Bridge photo by Ben Lansky
Rosenfelt in Paris
Piggy Bank photo by Alan Cleaver
Still from JR
Occupy Oakland love sign
Take Money Out Protest March photo by Michael Prados
If Our Leaders Can Be Bought photo by sharonkubo
Interfaith Occupation, Photo by Mark Lyon
Ohio Cooperative Solar
W.S. Merwin photo by Tony Novak-Clifford
Time banking
Prairie grass, photo by Chris Sgaraglino
Solar installation
Photo by ND Strupler
Grace Boggs, photo by Garrett MacLean
Photo by Jens Karisson
Photo by Ian Terry
Photo by HollyWata
Christmas Gifts
Starry Sky photo by Nara Simhan
Iranians We Love You
Euros in Pots
Vacant Lot
Euros in Pots
Hospital Hallway
Vancouver Protest
Bat Illustration
Bat Illustration
Push Mower Illustration
Treaty 8-100
McKibben Benaroya-185.jpg
Barack Obama Fair-shutterstock-185.jpg
Richardsville classroom-SCB-185.jpg
Susan Cain Still
Kumi Naidoo Headshot
Somaly Mam
Tophat Illustration
Pete Seeger Young
We Are Legion Poster
Israeli Tanks
64 Quote
Rolling Jubilee
BP Oil
Alta Gracia
Africa for Norway
We Are Legion Poster
Gren Giving Guide
Stacy Mitchell
More Stories
Kid in Snow
Israeli Tanks
Tribute to Guy Clark
Colorful Umbrellas
Love Letters
Love Letters to Strangers
detroit farm thumb
gokey thumb
car thumb
hug thumb
6 Habits of Highly Empathetic People
Tree Branches
Ta'Kaiya Blaney
Robin Hood Tax
Trash Guitar
Sex in the Wild
Blower door test
Blower door test
Doorway and Light
Light comes from under a door. Thumbnail.
TreeBranches Thumbnail
Tree branches. Thumbnail.
Edible Insects
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