Reader Response: 50 Ways to Survive and Thrive

Readers add to the list of things you can do to make your life just a little bit better

Our Spring 2006 issue featured a table of "Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Next 10 Years." We challenged readers of our monthly readers to add to the list. You responded in greater numbers than ever before, and our staff voted for the top 25. Here are the top suggestions from our readers:


The Yes Staff Favorite: Learn to laugh at yourself
Put a coin in someone's expired parking meter Send a handwritten postcard to someone each month
Help others survive and thrive Start each day with a prayer of gratitude
Smile at the bus driver every morning and every evening Volunteer for a cause or a nonprofit organization in which you believe
Dance at least once a day, to music or not -- with someone if you can -- alone if you must. If in a wheel chair or bed-ridden, wriggle what part of your body you can. It keeps the blood flowing and lightens up the heart Send a handwritten letter, short note, or postcard to someone each month
Shop at the Farmer's market instead of the market Have an out-of-body experience at least once
Smile more -- even at strangers Listen deeply to someone with a viewpoint different from your own on an important issue
Share books Eat at least one meal a month that is totally comprised of locally produced/grown foods
Learn to identify local edible wild plants Grow some surplus in your garden for your local foodbank or a feeding program
Ride a bike to do your errands Be nice to dogs and cats
Make faces at yourself in the mirror every morning Dress up and play "world leaders" with your children. Listen to their solutions to the poverty and war questions
Become financially independent and intelligent Learn to appreciate every bit of energy you consume
Live car-free Join a group that has a mission to facilitate positive social change
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