The Sweat Free Movement

Students, union members and textile workers act together to fight sweatshop clothing
with a Conscience. Support Worker Rights
Graphic courtesy of Sweatfree Communities,

A sweat-free movement has swept the U.S., carried by students, union members, and textile workers all over the world. Today, about 200 U.S. colleges have policies requiring their athletic wear to be produced sweat-free, and 78 government entities haveadopted sweat-free procurement policies.

Working condition improvements are becoming evident as these policies go into effect.The weekly base salary at the Codevi Free Trade Zone in Haiti for example,increased more than 100 percent(by about US$22.00), after a no-sweat agreement was reached in 2005,reports the Clean Clothes Campaign.And the cost to consumers?The price of a $25 sweatshirt would increase just $0.50 to $1, if wages were doubled to guarantee a living wage,according to an article in The Nation.

Lilja Otto is an editorial intern at YES!
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