Video Review- Invisible Ballots: Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud

American Media        

Video, 2004, 90 minutes, $19.95


“My greatest fear is that we won't have a basis for trusting elections … every single election, there will be some question about who really won. And if you have a situation where in every election there's a question … you lose the property where you're governing with the consent of the governed.”

—Dr. David Dill, Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Stanford University, founder of


“Invisible Ballots” shows how electronic voting poses an unprecedented threat to the foundation of our democracy. Interviews with politicians, activists, and computer scientists reveal the dangers, including poor security, haphazard coding, and lack of oversight. This is no big-budget documentary, but the quality and depth of the interviews make it a must-see for anyone concerned with the well-being of our democratic process. Find out more at or buy a copy at



Reviewed by Andrew Lovejoy
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